Say goodbye to Threads: How to delete your account without losing your Instagram presence

Instagram users, listen up! There’s some big news for those of you who hopped on the Threads bandwagon. Threads, the text-oriented service launched by Meta in early July, soared to 100 million users in just five days. However, many users were left frustrated by the inability to delete their Threads account without also deleting their Instagram account. But fear not, Instagram Head Adam Mosseri has announced a solution to this problem.

Now, users can easily delete or deactivate their Threads account without affecting their Instagram account. Simply go to Settings, then Account, and choose the Delete or Deactivate Profile option. This gives you the choice to either temporarily suspend your account or permanently delete it, all without any impact on your Instagram account.

But that’s not all – Meta has made some additional changes to Threads. Posts from Threads will now be visible on other Meta platforms, such as Facebook. However, users have the option to limit this visibility by going to the Privacy section in Settings. It’s worth noting that this change applies specifically to Facebook and not Instagram, so your Threads posts will continue to be visible on Instagram regardless.

These updates come as a relief to many Instagram users who were feeling stuck with their Threads accounts. With the ability to easily delete or deactivate their account, as well as control the visibility of their Threads posts, users now have more flexibility and control over their social media experience.

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