iPhone Sales in China Plummet as Huawei Surprises the Market

iPhone sales in China hit by Huawei’s comeback

A new report confirms that iPhone sales in China are facing tough competition from Huawei’s latest smartphone, the Mate 60. This comes as a surprise, given that US sanctions on China last year were expected to have removed Huawei as a serious competitor in the smartphone market.

The rise, fall, and now another rise of Huawei have made significant impacts on the Chinese smartphone market. Huawei has enjoyed a significant advantage over Apple in China, thanks to the local enthusiasm for larger-screened phones. Huawei’s lead over Apple peaked in 2020, when US restrictions on 5G chips severely affected its sales. However, the unexpected and successful launch of the Mate 60, which features a 5G chip made by a Chinese company, has helped Huawei regain its foothold in the market.

This resurgence of Huawei’s sales has been a major blow to Apple, as the latest data shows that Huawei smartphone sales grew by 83% in October, while Apple’s own growth was only 11%. The strong growth of Huawei’s Mate 60 series, along with its ‘Made in China’ chipset, has been a key factor in its success.

However, there is a glimmer of hope for Apple, as the iPhone 15 Pro Max is reportedly facing high demand, especially for specific colors. Once Apple can meet this demand, it is expected that sales will increase for the top-end model.

The unexpected turnaround for Huawei and the tough competition faced by Apple in the Chinese market has raised many questions, with some theories suggesting that Huawei may have found ways to bypass US sanctions or engaged in industrial espionage to drive its success.

As Huawei’s comeback continues to affect iPhone sales in China, it remains to be seen how Apple will respond to this unexpected challenge from its competitor.

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