Revolutionary xMEMS Ultrasound Solid-State Speaker Unveiled for TWS Earbuds

xMEMS Labs Introduces Revolutionary Ultrasonic Solid-State Speaker for TWS Earbuds

The world of audio is evolving rapidly, but traditional headphones still rely on physical amplifiers to produce sound. However, xMEMS Labs is revolutionizing this approach with the introduction of the Cypress ultrasonic solid-state speaker for TWS earbuds, which eliminates the need for physical amplifiers.

The key innovation behind xMEMS Labs’ Cypress ultrasonic speaker is its ultrasonic amplitude modulation transduction. This technology allows the speaker to generate ultrasonic sound pulses, which are then transformed into audible sound for the user. This results in superior audio reproduction across all sound frequencies and is claimed to offer better quality and more detailed sound compared to traditional coil speakers, all while supporting hi-res and spatial audio.

The Cypress MEMS speaker is incredibly compact, measuring just 6.3 x 6.5 x 1.65mm, yet it boasts louder and deeper bass than conventional speakers. It is capable of producing a low-frequency sound pressure level of 140dB and can reach as low as 20Hz. Additionally, the wider active noise cancellation (ANC) bandwidth allows earbuds equipped with Cypress MEMS speakers to effectively block out unwanted higher frequency noises.

In addition to its impressive audio capabilities, the Cypress ultrasonic speaker also offers lower latency due to its constant electrical-to-acoustic conversion time. The speaker is set to be showcased at CES 2024, with mass production expected to commence in late 2024. xMEMS Labs has also secured a manufacturing partnership with TSMC to ensure that the Cypress ultrasonic speakers remain cost-competitive with mass-market speakers for wireless headphones and earbuds.

This groundbreaking technology marks a significant step forward in the world of audio, promising an enhanced listening experience for users of TWS earbuds. With its superior sound quality, compact size, and advanced features, the Cypress ultrasonic solid-state speaker is poised to transform the way we experience audio in our everyday lives.

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