Samsung’s Latest Fast Chargers: 50W Dual USB-C and 45W Models Unveiled!

Samsung is working on new chargers for their upcoming Galaxy S24 series. According to the leakster Roland Quandt, the new chargers will include a wired Samsung Charger Duo 50W with two USB-C ports and a refresh of the Samsung 45W Power Adapter (EP-T4510) known as the EP-T4511.

The Charger Duo 50W is expected to support up to 45W with one port in use and 2x 25W when both ports are in use. On the other hand, the EP-T4511 is a refresh of the older model and is not expected to have significant differences. Both new chargers will be sold separately, as Samsung, like many other smartphone makers, no longer includes chargers in the box with its phones.

The new chargers come as the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24, and S24+ are expected to support the same charging speeds as their 2023 predecessors. This means the plus and Ultra models will support 45W charging while the vanilla S23 will support 25W. The two smaller models will also have slightly larger batteries, but only by 100/200mAh.

The old T4510 charger supports USB PD 3.0 PDO and PPS, with the new EP-T4511 not expected to have significant additions as USB PD 3.1 is primarily concerned with higher power ranges.

Overall, Samsung users can look forward to the release of two new fast chargers for the upcoming Galaxy S24 series, providing more options for charging their devices at higher speeds. Keep an eye out for the official release of the new chargers as the Galaxy S24 series launch approaches.