Protect Your Children: Why Police are Urging Parents to Disable This New iPhone Feature

Police in Ohio are warning parents about a new iPhone feature that can exchange contact information and pictures between two iPhones. The Middleton Police Division is advising parents to turn off the “NameDrop” feature on their children’s iPhones to prevent them from sharing personal information with strangers.

The feature, which is activated by default after the iOS 17.1 update earlier this year, allows two iPhones to exchange contact information and pictures by holding the display of their iPhone a few centimeters from the top of the other person’s iPhone and tapping on the screen. However, the exchange of information won’t be completed if the two iPhone units are moved away from each other and locked before the transfer of information is completed.

To disable the “NameDrop” feature, parents can go to Settings > General > AirDrop > Bringing Devices Together and turn off the toggle switch.

Police in other areas of the country, including Watertown, Connecticut, are also warning parents about the “NameDrop” feature, as some parents were unaware of the new feature after updating their kids’ iPhones.

While some users pointed out that the feature requires input from the users and doesn’t automatically exchange personal contact information, it is still advisable to disable the feature on children’s iPhones to ensure their safety.

The process for using “NameDrop” involves holding the display of your iPhone a few centimeters from the top of the other person’s iPhone, choosing to share contact information, and then tapping “Share” and “Done.” It is important to continue holding the devices near each other until the NameDrop appears on both screens. To cancel, the two devices can be moved away from each other or locked before the transfer is completed.

It is essential for parents to be aware of this new iPhone feature and take the necessary steps to ensure their children’s safety online.

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