Scored My Favorite Running Earbuds at an Unbeatable Price Thanks to Cyber Monday!

Shokz Cyber Monday Deals: Bone Conduction Earbuds Heavily Discounted for Outdoor Workouts

In an exciting Cyber Monday deal, Shokz is offering heavy discounts on their popular bone conduction earbuds, making them more affordable for outdoor workout enthusiasts. The latest OpenRun earbuds are now available for up to $55 off, with the Pros being offered at their lowest price ever of $89, while the base OpenRuns are also discounted.

The OpenFit, another favorite among Shokz earbuds, offers a different design that does not use bone conduction. Instead, it sits on and over the ears like glasses, with speakers hanging over the eardrums. These earbuds provide traditional audio for those who are not fans of bone conduction, while still allowing for spatial awareness during workouts. The 2023 Shokz OpenFit is now $30 off, making it an all-time low price and a great option for running earbuds.

Although the discounts may not seem significant at first, it’s important to note that the prices of these earbuds have never fallen below this week’s Cyber Monday deals. Therefore, any money off is a rare opportunity for shoppers. The Shokz OpenFit is known for its comfort, rich audio, water resistance, and touch controls, making it a great deal at its discounted price.

For those seeking the best possible deal, the OpenRun Pros come highly recommended, with 10 hours of battery life and a comfortable, lightweight design. These earbuds have been praised for being “bone conduction headphones done right” and are a great choice for outdoor workouts.

Finding good Cyber Monday earbud deals has been challenging this year, but Shokz has proven to be the exception with their excellent discounts. This makes it a great opportunity for anyone in search of quality earbuds for their outdoor activities.

With such great deals available, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of the Cyber Monday discounts and upgrade your workout audio experience. Don’t miss out on these exclusive offers from Shokz!

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