Exclusive: Get a First Look at the All-New OnePlus 12, Straight from OnePlus Headquarters!

OnePlus is getting ready to release its new model, the OnePlus 12, in China on December 4. The company has revealed the design of the new phone, and it looks very similar to the OnePlus 11. The big change is that the Alert Slider has been moved to the left side of the phone. The Flowy Emerald color variant has a unique texture inspired by New Zealand’s Dart River, and it will also be available in white and black.

The phone will feature a 3x optical zoom module and a Hasselblad camera, which is good news for photography enthusiasts. The positioning of the Alert Slider was changed in order to improve the signal reception of the phone. Additionally, the device will also have an “Ultra-compact Full-band Antenna” on the right side.

OnePlus has been inspired by nature for the design of the phone, and they have created a texture that mimics the flow of water in the Dart River. The company has used the latest AG technology to imprint this texture onto the glass surface of the device.

With the phone set to launch next week, more details about the hardware, cameras, and battery are expected to be revealed. Fans of OnePlus can look forward to learning more about the upcoming device in the coming days. The OnePlus 12 is certainly something to keep an eye on for anyone in the market for a new smartphone.

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