Shocking: Dimensity 9300 SoC Loses 46% Performance in Stress Test Due to Odd Configuration – Find Out Why!

There is a new smartphone processor that has been causing some trouble. MediaTek’s Dimensity 9300 chipset has been found to overheat and slow down during a stress test. This is because the chipset does not have low-power Efficiency CPU cores like other processors do. Instead, it consists of four powerful Cortex-X4 Prime CPU cores and four Cortex-A720 Performance CPU cores.

During a CPU Throttling Test, the Dimensity 9300 throttled its performance by 46%. This means that the cores were unable to handle the workload and started overheating, causing the clock speeds to drop significantly. Even though the chipset is produced using an energy-efficient 4nm process node, the throttling started in just two minutes when tested in a Vivo X100 Pro smartphone.

The Vivo X100 Pro features a vapor chamber to dissipate heat away from the chipset, but even this was not enough to prevent the Dimensity 9300 from overheating. It seems that MediaTek may have left out the Efficiency CPU cores in an attempt to compete with other smartphones, but it looks like they will need to make some changes for the next model, the Dimensity 9400.

Despite the issues with the stress test, in everyday use, phones using the Dimensity 9300 chip should still work fine. However, it’s clear that the chipset is not without its flaws and may need some improvements in the future.

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