Why Companies Should Avoid Fighting on Social Media and Focus on Easy Wins Instead


Two big companies, Dbrand and CASETiFY are in a fight over phone cases. The trouble started when CASETiFY used images that belong to Dbrand on their phone cases. Dbrand did not give permission for this.

This makes Dbrand really upset because their pictures and ideas were taken and used in a way they did not want. Dbrand could lose a lot of money because of this. They are talking to their lawyers about what they can do.

What is not okay is that people started to attack CASETiFY’s website. Breaking the law to support a company is a very bad idea. People can go to jail for 10 years and also be asked to pay a lot of money. This is all over a phone case.

This fight makes me not want to buy anything from both companies. I am not alone. This fight made me and many others talk about it and now I know about the brands. It is not good for business.

This is a big problem because companies should follow rules about pictures and ideas. They should not try to make people hate other companies. Companies should be honest and fair. Hopefully, this fight will end soon.

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