Boost Your Productivity with Google Keep’s AI List-Making Feature: Here’s How

Google is planning to introduce a new artificial intelligence feature in the Google Keep app that will help users create lists more easily. This new feature was discovered in the latest update to the Google Keep app, version 5.23.462.05.90.

According to 9to5Google, the feature, called “Help me create a list,” will use AI to generate a list based on text entries from the user. Once the feature is enabled, users can enter instructions for the list in a text box and Google Keep will use AI to generate a list based on those instructions. However, Google has added a disclaimer that Keep won’t always get it right.

The AI feature is also part of Google Workspace Labs, where Google tests experimental features. However, there may be some privacy concerns, as the pop-up message warns that human reviewers may read, annotate, and process user data. Therefore, users are advised not to include any personal information while using the “Help me create a list” feature.

While the feature is not available yet, recent progress indicates that a release may be nearing. Google has been rapidly expanding its AI features, with the flagship chatbot Google Bard, AI tools on the new Pixel 8 Pro, and a new generative AI feature in Google Sheets. Now, it seems that Google Keep might be the next app to get the AI treatment.

This new AI feature is part of Google’s ongoing efforts to integrate artificial intelligence into its products and services. As for now, users will have to wait for the official release of the feature and be cautious about privacy concerns associated with AI usage. Keep an eye out for updates, as this new feature could make creating lists on Google Keep much easier for users.

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