Get ready to elevate your media experience with Synology’s best-selling 4-bay Plex NAS – on sale now!

Synology Offering Black Friday Deal on DiskStation DS923+

Synology is rolling out an attractive Black Friday deal on its DiskStation DS923+ NAS, which is now available for just $479 – a $120 discount from its usual selling price of $599. The DS923+ is considered the best 4-bay Plex NAS currently available, making this deal a big deal in and of itself.

The NAS has seen considerable upgrades, including the switch to Ryzen hardware, which makes it faster in most day-to-day tasks and more energy efficient. However, it does not offer the ability to transcode Plex content. Despite this limitation, the DS923+ is still recommended for anyone interested in building a home media server.

Synology has also introduced its latest OS, DSM 7.2, further extending its lead on the software front. The DS923+ ticks all the right boxes, making it a top choice for those in need of a reliable NAS.

The Black Friday deal is expected to sell out fast, so those interested are encouraged to act quickly. Additionally, if you need hard drives to go with the NAS, there are options available as well.

Overall, Synology’s Black Friday deal on the DiskStation DS923+ presents an opportunity for individuals looking to upgrade their NAS to do so at a discounted price. This is an ideal time to take advantage of the offer and enhance your home media server experience.

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