Grab the 18TB NAS HDD at its lowest price ever – Act Now for Massive Savings!

Black Friday NAS Deal: WD’s 18TB Elements External Hard Drive on Sale for Just $229

If you’re in need of more storage for your home server, now is the time to act. WD’s 18TB Elements external hard drive, which can also be used as a standalone unit or extracted and used in an existing NAS server, is currently on sale for just $229.

This deal is a steal considering the usual price of the 18TB drive. Even better, the 18TB WD easystore, which is identical to the Elements drive, was available for $199 at Best Buy but quickly sold out. This means the $229 price tag on the 18TB Elements may not last long either.

What makes this deal even more appealing is that the drives housed within the Elements enclosure are comparable to WD’s more expensive data center products. Despite being a more affordable option, the 18TB Elements drive is just as reliable as the best WD NAS HDDs.

If you’re looking to maximize value and get the most storage for your money, now is the time to snag the 18TB Elements drive. However, it’s important to act fast as these drives tend to sell out quickly.

So, if you’re in the market for affordable NAS storage, don’t miss out on this Black Friday deal. Get your hands on the 18TB Elements drive while it’s still available and enjoy a significant increase in storage for your home server.

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