Game on the Go: Xbox App Introduces Compact Mode for Handheld Gaming PCs!

Microsoft has recently made some changes to the Xbox app for PC, aimed at improving the experience for users, especially those with handheld gaming PCs. One of the major updates is the addition of Compact mode, designed to accommodate the smaller screens of handheld devices.

This Compact mode includes a collapsible side menu, allowing users to minimize it and only display the icons, creating more space on the screen. However, some drawbacks have been noted, such as the loss of direct access to installed games through the sidebar when Compact mode is enabled. Instead, users will have to access their games through the My Library section. Additionally, the option to enable Compact mode is a bit hidden in the drop-down menu accessed through the profile icon, rather than being a direct button on the screen.

Microsoft has also announced its collaboration with manufacturers like ASUS to enable Compact mode by default on handheld devices such as the ROG Ally. Other changes to the app include updates to the notifications section, allowing users to view only unread notifications instead of all of them. Additionally, a new Gaming Service Repair Tool has been added to address any issues with Gaming Service or missing content when launching the Xbox app.

The updated Xbox app for PC is now available for download through the Microsoft Store and is compatible with both Windows 10 and 11. These changes are aimed to provide a more user-friendly and efficient gaming experience for PC users, especially those with handheld gaming devices.

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