Revolutionary Feature: Android’s Chrome may soon detect boarding passes, leading to seamless travel experiences!

Google has announced a new feature for their Chrome browser on Android. The new addition will allow Chrome to detect boarding passes, making it easier for users to add them to Google Wallet.

The feature was spotted in the pre-beta version of Chrome, called Chrome Canary, by a user in the GApps Flags & Leaks group on Telegram. It is called the Boarding Pass Detector, and it is designed to scan open tabs for any airline URLs, and then detect if there is any boarding pass information on the tabs.

This new feature is expected to simplify the process of adding boarding passes to Google Wallet on Android. By automatically detecting boarding passes on open tabs, it could make it easier for users to access important travel information, such as departure times and gate numbers.

Although the feature is currently only available in Chrome Canary, it is expected to be eventually rolled out to the standard version of Chrome on Android. However, it is not yet clear when this feature will be officially released to Android users.

The Boarding Pass Detector is an experimental feature, and it is not yet known if it will be used to automatically add boarding passes to Google Wallet, or if it will prompt users to add them manually. It could also potentially be used to view other information included with boarding passes, such as QR codes and barcodes.

Overall, this new feature is something to look forward to for Android users who frequently travel and use Google Wallet. It will streamline the process of managing boarding passes and provide easy access to important travel information.

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