Discover the Latest Onboarding Videos for Apple Vision Pro with VisionOS Beta 6!

Apple unveiled the sixth beta version of the Vision Pro operating system, which is exclusively available to developers with an Apple Vision Pro Developer Kit. This latest version features new onboarding videos to assist users in setting up the new headset, providing a sneak peek into the upcoming interface of the device.

One of the notable additions to beta 6 is a 35-second video that showcases how users can navigate the visionOS interface by simply looking at elements on the screen and using the two-finger tap gesture to click on them. This revolutionary navigation method will allow users to browse the system with their eyes and respond to their eye movements, similar to how they operate a Mac.

Additionally, a detailed video demonstrates how users can create their 3D “Persona” for FaceTime calls using the Vision Pro headset. The process involves capturing the user’s appearance by holding the headset at eye level and following specific gestures, such as smiling and winking, to create their unique digital representation.

Furthermore, the build number for visionOS beta 6, 21N5300a, indicates a significant step towards stability and an imminent final release. This news aligns with the anticipated launch of the Apple Vision Pro in early 2024, as Apple continues to make progress, including enabling the capability to shoot Spatial Videos on the iPhone 15 Pro with the latest iOS 17.2 beta.

Overall, these developments signify Apple’s commitment to introducing cutting-edge technology with the Vision Pro headset, offering users a novel way to interact with their devices and revolutionizing their digital experiences. As the release date draws near, the anticipation for the groundbreaking capabilities of the Vision Pro continues to grow.

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