The Inventor of iPhone’s Multi-Touch Screen is Leaving Apple – What’s Next?

Long-time Apple executive Steve Hotelling has announced his retirement from the company, as reported by Bloomberg. Hotelling, who has worked on several key technologies including the iPhone’s multitouch screen, Touch ID, and Face ID, served as a vice president at Apple, reporting to Johny Srouji, the company’s senior vice president of hardware technologies.

During his time at Apple, Hotelling played a crucial role in some of the company’s most groundbreaking innovations. He is credited with inventing Touch ID, leading the camera engineering team, and playing a part in the development of ProMotion screen technologies. He was also involved in efforts to develop custom sensors and led the depth-sensing technologies for augmented reality.

Hotelling’s departure from Apple means that his responsibilities will now be divided up between several other veteran executives on Srouji’s team. Alan Gilchrist will take over managing the company’s camera and depth sensor teams, while Wei Chen will be in charge of many display technologies.

One of Hotelling’s final projects at Apple is Vision Pro, which is scheduled for release in early 2024. His departure marks a significant loss for Apple, with one source describing him as “the single greatest driver for innovation” at the company.

As Hotelling moves on to the next chapter of his career, Apple will undoubtedly feel the impact of his absence. His contributions to the company’s most iconic technologies have solidified his legacy as a true innovator in the tech industry.

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