EU’s Decision on Apple’s iMessage Cross-Platform Sparks Controversy – Full Report

The European Union May Not Force Apple to Bring iMessage to Android Devices After All

The European Union is currently considering whether to designate iMessage as a core platform service under the Digital Markets Act (DMA). If iMessage were to be given this designation, Apple would have to make it available on third-party devices. However, a recent report from Bloomberg suggests that the EU is leaning against issuing the designation, citing the lack of popularity of iMessage for business use.

The EU is in the process of deciding whether iMessage should be considered a core platform service under the DMA. If a service is given this designation, it would have to be cross-platform in the EU. However, the EU may not give iMessage this designation due to a key part of the DMA, which states that core platform services are used as an important conduit between businesses and consumers. The legislation suggests that iMessage may not be used in any significant way for business applications.

The report from Bloomberg indicates that the European Commission now believes that iMessage isn’t important enough to EU citizens in business markets. While Apple has introduced some iMessage features that cater to business uses in select EU countries, such as Business Chat, these features would have to be highly popular in the EU for iMessage to earn a core platform service designation.

This news comes shortly after Google wrote a letter to the European Commission, urging the regulator to make iMessage cross-platform. However, Apple has not yet been required to bring iMessage to Android devices. The decision on whether iMessage will be designated as a core platform service is expected to be made in February by the European Commission.

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