Boost Your OnePlus Experience: New Update Enhances Battery Life, Camera Quality, Touchscreen Performance, and More!

The OnePlus Open, named the best foldable phone for 2023, is set to receive a software update that will bring a host of improvements to the device. While the update will not include Android 14 as some users had hoped, it will bring several enhancements to the phone’s performance.

The upcoming update, firmware version CPH2551_13.2.0.203(EX01), is based on Android 13 and weighs in at 190.66MB. It is based on Oxygen OS 13.2 and includes the December 2023 Android security patch.

Improvements to the system include better stability, an improved touch control algorithm for a smoother user experience, and reduced power consumption when the device is idle or when certain apps are in use.

The update also aims to enhance communication by improving network stability and compatibility.

In terms of the camera, the update will address issues such as shutter lag when the Nightscape toggle is turned off, unresponsive functions like Retouch, Filters, Resolution, and Flash, and a main screen getting stuck when using Dual Preview and the rear camera for selfies.

Overall, the update is expected to bring improved battery life, a smoother experience using the screens, and more responsive camera settings. While the update may not be as large as previous ones, it carries important improvements that OnePlus Open owners will not want to miss.

If you own a OnePlus Open, be sure to keep an eye out for the update and install it to enjoy these enhancements. Despite the lack of Android 14, the update promises to make the device even better for its users.