Elevate Your Mobile Device Management with Celona’s New Support

Celona Announces Innovative Technology to Support Apple IT Managers

Recently, Celona, a leading enterprise technology company, unveiled a new innovation that will have a significant impact on Apple IT managers. The company’s latest announcement brings support for automated eSIM enrollment to mobile device management systems, streamlining the onboarding of cellular-capable devices to be used with private 5G cellular networks.

The new automated eSIM solution, available with the latest release of Celona Edge and Orchestrator, is a game-changer for IT staff managing Apple devices. This innovation removes barriers experienced by enterprise IT staff, automating mobile device management and reducing the friction of securely provisioning user equipment on private wireless networks.

Instead of requiring end-users to manually download and install eSIMs on their devices, Celona’s eSIM automation directly integrates with many mobile device management systems to automate the process. This streamlines the deployment of private 5G wireless to iPhones and provides IT teams with visibility into the devices.

With this technology, individual or groups of SIMs can be easily activated, reactivated, or reset from the Celona Orchestrator interface, making it easier for Apple IT managers to deploy and manage private 5G wireless networks.

The use of private 5G cellular networks in the enterprise is on the rise. In environments like hospitals, warehouses, and retail, where Wi-Fi can be challenging to deploy, private 5G cellular is becoming a crucial technology. This new announcement from Celona makes it easier than ever for Apple IT managers to deploy and manage private 5G wireless networks for their Apple devices.

This innovation is expected to have a significant impact on the market for private wireless networks, offering a seamless solution for IT managers across various industries. With the demand for private 5G networks on the rise, Celona’s latest technology is set to revolutionize the way Apple devices are managed and deployed in the enterprise.

Celona’s dedication to delivering unique innovations in private wireless networks demonstrates a commitment to removing barriers and streamlining processes for enterprise IT staff. The integration of eSIM automation with mobile device management systems is a step forward in the evolution of private 5G cellular networks and is set to transform the way Apple IT managers deploy and manage their devices.