Discover the Brilliant Glow of Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro – A Review of Whiter Whites and Brighter Brights!

Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro: The Perfect Addition to Your Home

Lighting up your home and outdoor space can be a hassle, but Govee is here to make it easier for you. Govee first impressed us with its Permanent Outdoor Lights in 2022, and now they have released an updated version that is even better. The new Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro offer some quality-of-life improvements that make them a great addition to any home.

The new Pro model comes with sticky 3M VSB tape on the back of each light, making installation a breeze. They also include screw-in clips to ensure that the lights stay in place, even in extreme weather conditions. But the most significant improvement is the ability to cut the light strip to any length you want, making it easy to customize your installation.

In addition to the improved installation process, the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro also feature RGBICWW technology, which adds dedicated white LEDs. This means that you can enjoy pure shades of white light, as well as vivid color scenes, without any tint of other colors.

The lights are also incredibly bright, with a maximum of 50 lumens per light, providing a stunning display for your home. And with the Govee app, you can easily customize the lights to match your desired mood, with a wide range of premade scenes and customization options.

However, there are a few drawbacks to consider. The Govee app’s community-driven design setup could be improved, making it easier to find designs by other Govee users. Additionally, the price of the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro may be a bit steep for some, starting at $400 for a 100-foot length.

In conclusion, the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro are a fantastic option for anyone looking to add a touch of magic to their outdoor space. The improvements in installation, brightness, and color quality make them worth considering, especially if you want the best customizable lighting for the outdoors. While the price may be a bit high, the dedicated white LEDs and Matter support make the Govee Permanent Outdoor Lights Pro a great investment for your home.

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