Upgrade Your TV Experience with tvOS 17.2: Add to Queue Button Makes Apple TV Preshow Trailers Even Better!

Apple TV+ Introduces New Feature to Easily Add Shows to Up Next Queue

Today, Apple TV+ announced a new feature that will make it even easier for users to keep track of the shows and films they want to watch. With the upcoming tvOS 17.2 update, the Apple TV app will now include an “Add” button alongside the traditional “Skip” button during preshow trailers.

This new feature allows users to quickly add a show or film to their Up Next queue with a simple press of a button. This means that users no longer have to make a mental note or remember the title of the show they were interested in after watching a trailer. Instead, they can add it directly to their queue and be notified when new episodes are released.

In addition to the new “Add” button, a small logo of the show will also be displayed above the buttons, providing users with more context and information about the content being advertised. This update aims to streamline the user experience and make it easier for audiences to discover and track the content they love.

The new interface is currently available in the tvOS 17.2 beta, and it is expected to roll out to other platforms in the near future. Alongside this update, the TV app will also be receiving other improvements, such as a new navigational sidebar and a rebranding of content sections.

For iPhone users, the Info and Up Next queue panes have also been added to the video player experience, further enhancing the overall TV app experience.

tvOS 17.2 is currently available in the developer and public beta channels, and it is anticipated to be released to the public before the end of the year. This update is part of Apple’s ongoing efforts to enhance the Apple TV+ experience and provide users with more convenient and intuitive ways to enjoy their favorite shows and films.

With these new features, Apple TV+ is continuing to innovate and improve the streaming experience for its users, making it easier than ever to discover, track, and enjoy the best in entertainment.

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