Get Ready for Black Friday: Upgrade with a Starter NAS for Unbeatable Deals!

The NAS Is Now the Most Important Gadget in My House

A Network-Attached Storage (NAS) may not sound like the most exciting gadget, but for one tech enthusiast, it has become the most important device in his house. A NAS is a metal box that houses hard drives and connects to the router via Ethernet, making it accessible to all devices on the home network.

The user has two NAS devices – DiskStation DS1019+ for backing up photos and videos, and DiskStation DS1522+ that serves as a Plex media server. He has been using a NAS server for over a decade and swears by its usefulness, mentioning that it seamlessly allows him to stream media, back up files, and run his own audio server.

For those who are considering getting a NAS, it’s good news that there are Black Friday deals coming up, and the user recommends the DiskStation DS224+ as a good starting option. This 2-bay NAS has powerful hardware and dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, making it a great choice for most users.

If two drive bays aren’t enough, the user suggests considering the DiskStation DS423+, which has the same hardware as the DS224+ but with two additional drive bays. Both models come as diskless units, so users will need to purchase hard drives separately. The good news is that there are currently huge discounts on the best NAS hard drives available.

In conclusion, the user highly recommends a NAS for anyone looking to centralize storage and streamline media streaming and file backups in their home network. With Black Friday around the corner and significant discounts available, now might be the perfect time to invest in a NAS for your home.

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