Microsoft’s Game-Changing Move: ChatGPT ex-CEO Joins AI Program Team

Microsoft Hires Former OpenAI Executives to Lead Advanced AI Research Team

In a surprising move, Microsoft has hired former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and former president Greg Brockman to lead a new advanced AI research team. This decision comes after Altman was dismissed from OpenAI over the weekend.

The move signals Microsoft’s strong interest in investing in AI development from internal teams. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella expressed his confidence in the hiring of Altman and Brockman to lead the new team.

Altman’s dismissal from OpenAI was due to concerns about his communication with the board of trustees. Following his dismissal, Brockman also decided to quit the company.

Sources indicate that some OpenAI members attempted to rehire Altman, but the Board swiftly hired Emmett Shear, ex-CEO of Twitch, instead. Microsoft, which is the largest shareholder in OpenAI with a $13 billion investment since 2019, acted quickly to bring Altman and Brockman on board.

Microsoft’s decision to bring more AI development in-house could potentially challenge Google’s position as a leader in AI development. OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology currently powers Bing Chat, and it is possible that Microsoft will develop its own AI technology to reduce reliance on third-party sources in the future.

Earlier this year, Microsoft’s release of Bing Chat prompted Google to launch its own AI technology called Google Bard and form a combined AI team called DeepMind. Google has yet to comment on Microsoft’s recent hiring of former OpenAI executives, but it is clear that Microsoft’s continued investment in AI will pose a challenge to Google’s leadership in the industry.

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