Get Yours Now: 10000mAh 20W Power Bank for Just $19 – Grab it Before it’s Gone!

Shargeek Unveils Tiny but Powerful Flow Power Bank for Just $19

Shargeek, known for its high-quality charging accessories, has introduced the Flow power bank, a compact yet powerful option for on-the-go charging. With a capacity of 10000mAh, the Flow easily fits in the palm of your hand and is perfect for use while traveling.

Despite its small size, the Flow boasts two charging ports – one USB-A and a USB-C port – and supports up to 20W over the USB PD 3.0 protocol. This makes it ideal for use with devices like the Pixel 8 Pro and Galaxy S23. Additionally, the power bank features a large LED that serves as a visual indicator of the battery life.

One of the standout features of the Flow is its passthrough charging capability, allowing users to charge the power bank while charging their phone. The design of the Flow sets it apart from other power banks, making it a stylish and practical accessory for daily use.

Priced at just $19 on Amazon, the Flow offers great value for those in need of a reliable and portable power bank. It also includes a low power mode designed for use with wearables, making it a versatile charging solution.

Overall, the Flow is one of the best 10000mAh power banks currently available, offering both convenience and affordability. With its compact design and powerful performance, the Flow is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a small, yet reliable power bank for daily use.

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