Breaking News: Apple’s Plan to Scrap Touch ID Sparks Controversy

Apple Says Goodbye to Touch ID in Future iPhones

According to a report from China, Apple has reportedly stopped using the tools it used to make and enable Touch ID in its iPhones. This means that future iPhones are unlikely to have any kind of fingerprint scanner.

The last iPhone to use Touch ID components was the third-generation iPhone SE released in 2022. For the upcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE, Apple is expected to use Face ID instead of developing an under-display Touch ID sensor, which is a common feature in most Android phones.

For years, there have been rumors that Apple would bring back Touch ID to its iPhones. However, the latest report suggests that the company is focusing on developing under-display Face ID technology instead. This means that future iPhones may rely solely on facial recognition for security and authentication.

While some Android makers have been incorporating under-display fingerprint sensors in their phones, Apple seems to be taking a different path. There have been no solid reports on Apple’s plans for under-display Face ID, but it seems to be the direction the company is heading in.

This decision from Apple marks a significant shift in its approach to biometric security. With Touch ID being a prominent feature in older iPhone models, its absence in future iPhones signals a new era of smartphone security for Apple.

The move also reflects the ongoing competition and innovation in the smartphone industry, as manufacturers continue to develop new technologies to enhance user experience and security.

For more information, you can visit the source of the report on Weibo, or read more about the future of Touch ID on MacRumors.

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