Discover the Sleek Design of the Red Magic 9 Pro with a Flat Display and No Camera Bumps – Coming Soon!

The Red Magic 9 Pro, the latest gaming smartphone from nubia, is set to be revealed on November 23. Teasers have already been released, showing that the phone will have a flat display with no curved edges or camera bump. The side view of the smartphone also revealed a cooling vent, which has been a regular feature in Red Magic flagships.

While details about the cameras have not been fully disclosed, it is expected that the phone will have a 50 MP Samsung GN5 sensor and an ultra-wide camera featuring the Samsung JN1 imager with 50 MP resolution. These features are in line with the phone’s target audience of gaming enthusiasts.

At this point, there is only information about the Red Magic 9 Pro, and it is unclear whether nubia will also release a non-Pro version or follow the previous series’ logic of introducing a duo of Pro variants.

Overall, the Red Magic 9 Pro is highly anticipated by gaming enthusiasts, and it is expected to bring top-notch features and performance to the gaming smartphone market.

For more information on the Red Magic 9 Pro, visit the official sources in Chinese (Source 1, Source 2) or read more about it via this link.

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