Get Ready for the Next Level – OnePlus 12 with Stunning Wood Texture Back or Case!

OnePlus 12 to Feature Wood Texture Back

The upcoming OnePlus 12 flagship smartphone is rumored to come with a surprise feature – a wood texture back. According to Digital Chat Station, a reliable source for smartphone leaks, the OnePlus 12 will be available in a version with a wood texture back or case.

It is unclear whether the wood texture will be actual wood or a material made to mimic wood. However, OnePlus has a history of offering wood texture cases for its devices, and even had wood texture removable backs for its first smartphone, the OnePlus One. This move could possibly be a nod to the company’s first model.

The confusion arises from an ambiguous machine translation and an unclear picture. It is speculated that it may be more likely for OnePlus to offer a wood texture case, which would be easier to make than applying the texture directly to the phone’s back. However, with unexpected developments often happening in the mobile world, nothing can be said for certain until the official unveiling.

The OnePlus 12 is scheduled to be revealed for the Chinese market on December 4, with the international release expected in January 2024. Fans and tech enthusiasts will have to wait until the official launch to see if the wood texture feature becomes a reality.

Source: Weibo (in Chinese)

With this latest leak, anticipation for the OnePlus 12 continues to build as the company seeks to set itself apart with unique design features. Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the official launch dates.

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