Google Pixel’s Holiday Surprise: iPhone Reveals Who Gifted Its AI Features

Google’s Latest Ad Pokes Fun at iPhone and Shows Off Pixel’s AI Features

Google has once again released a hilarious and entertaining ad showcasing the rivalry and friendship between the Pixel and the iPhone. The latest video, titled “Must Be Santa,” features the two handsets in line to visit a shopping mall Santa.

In the video, Pixel asks iPhone what it will ask Santa for, and iPhone responds by saying it wants all the AI features that Pixel has. This includes the Magic Editor for editing photos and the Best Take feature for replacing faces in photos.

Pixel then confesses that these features were not from Santa, but from a bunch of Google engineers. This leads to a funny moment where iPhone asks if Santa can give it a bunch of Google engineers. The video ends with the tagline, “The only phone engineered by Google.”

The response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive, with many viewers calling for Google to continue the series. One comment on YouTube said, “‘Can Santa give me a bunch of Google engineers?’ That line was way funnier than it had any right to be. Everyone appreciates the effort that goes into these, they’re so good.”

The video has already garnered over 1 million views in just 10 hours, showing the popularity of Google’s #BestPhonesForever ads. It’s clear that Google knows how to entertain and engage its audience while subtly highlighting the features of its Pixel phones.

This advertisement not only showcases the rivalry between the two leading smartphones but also highlights the advanced AI features of the Pixel line. As the competition in the smartphone market continues to heat up, Google’s creative ads help to set the Pixel apart and attract fans from all sides. With the success of this latest ad, it’s likely we’ll see more entertaining and informative ads from Google in the future.

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