Score These Smart Lights for Black Friday and Light Up Your Home With Savings!

Smart Lights Bring Joy and Functionality to Homes

Many people find joy in having smart lights around their homes. These lights not only transform a boring space into a fun one but also provide helpful lighting for various activities. With the recent Black Friday deals, the temptation to buy even more smart lights has increased.

One user, who previously relied on Philips Hue lights, decided to try out something new and opted for Nanoleaf smart lights. The Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles became the centerpiece of the user’s home, providing a frame for the TV mounted above the monitor. The setup was made easier with Nanoleaf’s Layout Assistant, and the user was pleased with the outcome.

In addition to the Nanoleaf Shapes Triangles, the user also received Nanoleaf’s new 4D Screen Mirror and Lightstrip Kit. This kit allows the lightstrip to mimic the colors of whatever is on the screen, creating a unique ambiance.

The user also shared their experience with the Nanoleaf Lightstrip, which is an essential addition to their new desk setups. The announcement of Nanoleaf’s new Matter-compatible smart lights means it’s now much easier to integrate into different smart home ecosystems.

The best part about Nanoleaf smart lights is their compatibility with various voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung SmartThings, and Apple HomeKit. The user is excited to explore more Nanoleaf Shapes and Matter Lightstrip setups in the future.

This user’s experience highlights the joy and functionality that smart lights bring to homes, making them a popular choice for many individuals looking to upgrade their lighting setups. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or simply creating a pleasant ambiance, smart lights have become an essential part of modern homes.

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