Revolutionize app discovery with Google’s Cubes app now available on the Play Store!

Google is working on a new app for the Play Store called Cubes. The app was first discovered in February, and according to Android Police, it may become a central hub for discovering new apps across various categories. This means that Cubes could help users find new apps to install based on the categories of apps already on their phones.

The app may also serve as an “entertainment center” where purchased movies, games, and books will be stored. The Settings page for Cubes includes a list of “Cubes” such as Watch, Social, Shopping, Listen, Games, Read, Food, and Sandcube. Users will be able to arrange the order of their Cubes and manage the apps within each of them.

According to code tipster AssembleDebug, users will also be able to shop from Cubes, although it is not clear what they will be able to purchase with the app. One possibility could be paid apps.

When Cubes was first spotted earlier this year, the app was just an outline without much information about what it was designed to do. The user interface has been developed further, but there is still no content in the app as the backend has not been made public.

Google is known for testing new projects and sometimes doing away with them without much information. As of now, Cubes is still in development, and it is unclear when it will be officially unveiled for Android users. Stay tuned for more updates on the release of Cubes and what it will offer to Android users.

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