Get ready for a wave of powerful Firefox extensions for Android from Mozilla next month!

Mozilla is getting ready to introduce a wave of new features on its Firefox browser for Android. On December 14, users will have access to over 400 Firefox extensions to customize and enhance their browsing experience. This marks a significant expansion of Firefox’s extension ecosystem on Android, offering users greater control over their browsing.

Prior to this update, Firefox for Android offered a limited selection of extensions. However, with the upcoming availability of open extensions, developers will have the opportunity to bring a wealth of new features and capabilities to mobile Firefox users.

To help developers with the transition, Mozilla has launched an online workshop providing guidance on developing and porting extensions. Additionally, the add-on library is being revamped to showcase the expanded range of Android extensions. Users can already get a glimpse of upcoming extensions on the AMO Android page.

In anticipation of the launch, Mozilla has added a dedicated link to “Explore all Android extensions” on the AMO Android page, making it easier for users to discover new extensions. Furthermore, Mozilla has released a preliminary collection of over two dozen new open extensions for Android, offering a taste of the possibilities that await users.

The upcoming open availability of extensions marks a significant turning point for Firefox on Android, aiming to transform it into a more versatile and customizable browsing experience. With a vast array of extensions at their fingertips, users can personalize their browsing experience to align with their unique preferences and requirements.

The influx of extensions should empower its loyal users to enhance their productivity, safeguard their privacy, and elevate their overall browsing enjoyment. If you haven’t tried Firefox on Android yet, you can do so by installing it from the Google Play Store. Get ready to unlock a world of possibilities and customization with the new Firefox extensions for Android.

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