New Google App Update: Try the Bottom-Placed Search Bar for Improved Navigation

The Google app version is getting a big change. The search bar is moving from the top of the app to the bottom. This will make it easier for people to use the app, especially on big phones.

The new design is currently being tested by some people. It’s not clear when or if everyone will get the new search bar. 

The change will make it easier to use the app with one hand. People won’t have to stretch their thumb to reach the search bar. The new design also includes the assistant microphone and Google Lens icon.

Google has been making similar changes to its other apps and services. For example, the Chrome browser on Android recently removed the option for a bottom address bar. On the other hand, iOS users can now move the address bar to the bottom.

Some beta testers are already seeing the new search bar, but it’s still in the testing phase. It’s not available to everyone yet. It’s likely that Google will make this change available to everyone in the future.

Other tech companies, like Meta-owned WhatsApp, have also been testing bottom navigation bars for their apps. Google’s trend of moving things towards the bottom of the screen is likely to continue, especially as phone screens get bigger.

The new bottom search bar in the Google app is a small change, but it shows that Google is always looking for ways to improve its services for its users. Keep an eye out for the new design in the future!

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