McDonald’s partners with Google for revolutionary ‘Ask Pickles’ AI chatbot to solve ice cream machine woes

McDonald’s Partners with Google Cloud to Improve Customer Experience

McDonald’s has announced a new partnership with Google Cloud in an effort to enhance the online ordering experience for customers and improve working conditions for employees at its restaurants. This comes as the fast-food chain revealed that over 40% ($9 billion) of its sales are generated through its mobile app, kiosks, and deliveries.

As part of the partnership, McDonald’s will leverage Google Cloud’s technology across thousands of its restaurants worldwide. The collaboration will include the rollout of new generative AI experiences, with the Google Cloud Chicago team working alongside McDonald’s global innovation center, Speedee Labs.

One of the key developments to emerge from this partnership is the introduction of a new AI chatbot called “Ask Pickles,” which will be trained to assist in daily operations and provide guidance for workers, ultimately aiming to reduce the complexities employees may face in restaurants. This includes providing manuals and instructions on properly cleaning equipment to prevent frequent breakdowns.

Additionally, McDonald’s plans to utilize Google’s computing power to further improve its mobile app, kiosks, and delivery services, which currently account for a significant portion of its total sales.

The company’s executive vice president and global chief information officer, Brian Rice, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, “Connecting our restaurants worldwide to millions of data points across our digital ecosystem means tools get sharper, models get smarter, restaurants become easier to operate, and most importantly, the overall experience for our customers and crew gets even better.”

With plans to operate more than 50,000 restaurants by 2027, McDonald’s is aiming to use the data collected from these restaurants to further train the AI model to operate more efficiently.

The partnership between McDonald’s and Google Cloud represents a significant step toward incorporating advanced technology to enhance the customer experience and streamline operations within the fast-food chain. With the implementation of AI-driven solutions, McDonald’s is positioned to revolutionize its service delivery and maintain its position as a leader in the fast-food industry.

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