iPhone 17 to feature 24-megapixel front camera upgrade, according to Kuo

World of technology roars once again as reports of a new and improved iPhone camera system surface. The iPhone 16 is yet to hit the markets, but speculations for the iPhone 17 lineup are already creating buzz.

Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has disclosed that the front camera specifications are expected to receive a major upgrade with the iPhone 17. Kuo’s blog post revealed that manufacturer Genius will be the primary lens supplier for the iPhone front camera. The upgrade will include a significant rise in resolution to 24-megapixels as compared to the current 12-megapixels in the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup.

In addition to the boost in resolution, Kuo mentioned that the lens layering will also enhance in quality. The new iPhone 17 specifications will demand a six-element lens design, up from the five-element lens in the iPhone 15 and 16.

The cost of the front camera component is estimated to more than double, offering a substantial rise in revenue for supplier Genius. This will mark a significant upside for the company’s bottom line.

The iPhone 16 is also set to receive an upgraded 48-megapixel ultra-wide camera sensor, adhering to previous rumors. This sensor is expected to work similarly to the main camera sensor in current iPhone models, where computational photography samples the raw 48 megapixels of information to produce a 12 or 24-megapixel final output image.

Moreover, Genius, the supplier for the iPhone 17 camera, is also a supplier for the periscope lens in the iPhone 16. The 5x 12-megapixel zoom camera will be included in both the Pro and Pro Max iPhone 16 models, increasing overall demand for the components.

Furthermore, Genius is the exclusive supplier of pancake lenses used in the Apple Vision Pro. Mass shipments of these components have already begun, indicating an impending consumer launch, which is expected in February or March.

With these upgrades in the pipeline, technology enthusiasts and iPhone users can look forward to a significant improvement in camera quality and performance with the upcoming iPhone models. The advancements in lens design and resolution are expected to enhance the overall photography experience for users. We await the official launch of these new models and the potential impact they will have on the market.