Apple urges iPhone 16 battery production in India for better performance

After being dependent on China for many years, Apple has now made a significant change in its plans. The iPhone 16 batteries are now being considered to be manufactured in India. This was a result of various disruptions and shortcomings that came with being too dependent on a single country.

Steve Jobs originally made the decision to move the manufacturing operations of Apple to China several years ago, which proved to be a strategic success at that time. However, with the emerging need to diversify, Apple now sees the need to move away from relying solely on China for its manufacturing.

The decision to shift the battery production from China to India has a significant potential to establish a more diverse supply chain and reduce the risk of disruptions due to factors such as natural disasters, political tensions, and human rights conflicts associated with China.

The move has been accelerated as Apple urged battery suppliers to establish new factories in India, while also encouraging Taiwanese and Japanese suppliers to scale up production in the country. The local government of India has also shown its support by congratulating the electronic brands for stimulating the electronics manufacturing ecosystem in the country.

However, bringing the production process up to full speed in India may take some time, as it is expected to begin only in 2025. With this change, Apple hopes to reduce its dependence on China and achieve a more diversified and resilient supply chain. The decision of Apple to extend its manufacturing operations to India is a significant shift in the global electronics manufacturing landscape.

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