Boost Your Pixel Buds Pro Experience: Learn How to Enable Conversation Detection for Enhanced Awareness

Google is making its Pixel Buds Pro even smarter with the introduction of new AI updates for the fall of 2023. These updates bring a feature called Conversation Detection, which uses AI technology to automatically pause the music and switch to Transparency Mode when it detects that the user has started talking. This makes it easier for users to seamlessly transition from listening to music to having a conversation without having to manually adjust the settings on their buds or their phone.

To enable Conversation Detection on the Pixel Buds Pro, users can follow a few simple steps. If using a Pixel phone, they can connect the Pixel Buds, tap Settings, Connected Devices, and the Settings icon beside the Pixel Buds Pro. With any other branded device, they can open the Pixel Buds app. From there, they can go to More Settings, Firmware Update, and update the software if needed. Then, they can go back to the main Settings page for the Pixel Buds Pro, scroll down to Sound, and select Conversation Detection. Finally, they can tap the slider on the right to turn it on.

In testing, Conversation Detection on the Google Pixel Buds Pro was found to work really well. The music automatically paused when the user started talking and remained paused for a few seconds after they were done, allowing them to hear a reply or inquiry from someone else. This feature is particularly useful in scenarios such as ordering at a coffee shop, speaking with a flight attendant, or responding to a roommate or family member.

Overall, Conversation Detection on the Google Pixel Buds Pro combines the best of both worlds with Transparency Mode and noise cancellation, making it simple to switch between them without any manual adjustments. This feature is just one of the many reasons why the Pixel Buds Pro are considered one of the best wireless earbuds for Android users. With these updates, Google continues to enhance the user experience and make it even more convenient and seamless.

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