iPhone 16 Vertical Camera Alignment for Spatial Video: Rumors and Speculations

Apple is reportedly testing a new design for the iPhone 16’s camera bump. According to a report by MacRumors, the new design features an arrangement of the camera lenses and a redesigned camera bump itself.

The report, which comes from pre-production information, suggests that Apple is considering two different designs for the camera bump. One design is similar to the current iPhone 15 camera bump, but with vertically arranged lenses, similar to the iPhone 12. The other design is said to be reminiscent of the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone X, with a unified vertical camera bump housing both lenses.

The report also notes that these are just prototypes, and Apple’s final design plans have not been finalized yet. This means that additional changes are possible.

The new design might also allow the iPhone 16 to record spatial video, something that the current iPhone 15 Pro is capable of. However, this information has not been confirmed, and it is just a logical inference based on the design change.

It’s important to note that these are still rumors and leaks, and nothing has been officially confirmed by Apple. As with all reports of this nature, it’s best to take this news with a pinch of salt until Apple makes an official announcement.

So, for now, Apple enthusiasts will have to wait and see how the design of the iPhone 16’s camera bump will pan out. Stay tuned for more updates and official announcements from Apple.