Protect Your Privacy with the New Google Maps Update – Erase Your Visits, Searches, and More!

Google has announced some new features for Google Maps in a blog post today. These updates will give users more control over their Location History and Timeline feature. With the new update, the activity will be stored on the device and can be encrypted in the cloud for backup, making it impossible for Google to see your Location History.

However, Google will now be deleting Location History after just three months, instead of the previous 18 months. Users can also turn off the auto-delete controls if they prefer. These changes will be rolling out to both iOS and Android over the next year.

In addition, Google Maps users will be able to delete place-related activity from Maps. This means that users can easily delete their searches, directions, visits, and shares. This feature is designed to help users keep their activities private, for example when planning a surprise birthday party.

Furthermore, the update will allow users to remove all traces of their visit to a specific location. This means that even though a location is removed from the Timeline, all evidence showing the visit to that location will also be erased.

Finally, the Google Maps app will soon allow users to easily check if their Location History or Timeline settings are turned on and give Maps access to the device’s location. This feature will be available on both iOS and Android versions of Google Maps over the next few weeks.

These updates are part of Google’s efforts to give users more control over their privacy and data on Google Maps. They are designed to make it easier for users to manage their Location History and keep their activities private while using the app.