Discover the Secrets Inside the OnePlus Open Video Teardown: Titanium Screws and Carbon Fiber Unveiled!

The OnePlus Open, a popular smartphone, has recently passed a durability test, surviving being bent and folded the wrong way. What’s the secret to its strength? A teardown of the device revealed the use of ultra-thin glass, carbon fiber, and titanium in its construction.

The back of the display panel is made of carbon fiber, providing extra durability without adding much weight. The hinge contains titanium screws, adding to the overall strength of the device. Inside the phone, there are around 80 screws, showcasing the meticulous construction of the OnePlus Open.

Interestingly, the marketing for the OnePlus Open vaguely mentions the use of “extraordinary materials,” such as titanium alloy and carbon fiber, without going into much detail. This has led to speculation about the effectiveness of such marketing tactics.

Despite the use of carbon fiber and titanium, some are questioning whether these materials actually contribute to weight reduction or are simply a marketing gimmick. However, there is no denying that the OnePlus Open has passed a durability test, proving its robust construction.

For those interested in learning more about the OnePlus Open, an in-depth review is available to provide a closer look at the device. With its innovative use of materials and impressive durability, the OnePlus Open continues to capture the attention of smartphone enthusiasts.

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