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Huawei Unveils HarmonyOS Next, Creates Confusion

Huawei has recently revealed the next version of its operating system, known as HarmonyOS Next. However, the new OS will not support APK files, which are the native Android apps. This announcement has caused confusion among Huawei device owners around the world.

The CEO of Huawei, Richard Yu, stated that the new OS is ready to be rolled out to end users. However, one week after the announcement, the company clarified that overseas units will not be receiving the new OS. Instead, mobile phones and tablets outside China will continue to use EMUI, which is a HarmonyOS lookalike based on the Android Open Source Project. However, EMUI lacks Google services and apps, and will continue supporting native Android apps.

According to China Mobile, Huawei will continue to increase its support for developers worldwide. The company has developed a large community of app developers who are working to ensure that Android apps from third-party stores work properly on Huawei devices without Google services.

Despite the confusion, Huawei executives have assured that support for phones and tablets in global markets will continue to grow. The company still sees itself as a major player in the mobile phone industry.

Huawei has also confirmed that it will continue using the Emotion UI (EMUI) branding for its overseas devices until it is confident that customers are ready to transition to HarmonyOS.

This announcement has left many Huawei device owners wondering about the future of their devices. The company’s decision to not support APK files on HarmonyOS Next has raised concerns about the availability of popular Android apps on Huawei devices. However, Huawei is working to reassure its user base that it remains committed to providing support for its devices in global markets.

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