Unlocking Apple Books Year Review: Step-by-Step Guide to How to See Your Year in Read

Apple recently announced a new and exciting feature for its Apple Books app called Year in Review. The new feature offers an automatic highlight of what you have read and listened to throughout the year, including total time reading, longest book or audiobook, completed series, most-read author, genre, highest-rated book, and more.

Additionally, users can also manually add books and audiobooks to the Year in Review and customize their reading goals.

One of the most interesting aspects of the Apple Books Year in Review is that it provides insights into the type of reader you are based on anonymized reader insights. This feature is available on iPhone and iPad devices.

To access the Apple Books Year in Review, users can open the Apple Books app on their iPhone or iPad, tap the Read Now tab in the bottom left corner, and choose Your Year in Review under the Top Picks section.

There are six reader types that Apple Books will use to explain your reading style, giving users a closer look at their reading habits.

The Apple Books Year in Review feature is an exciting way for users to reflect on their reading habits and preferences throughout the year, and it offers a fun and interactive way to engage with their reading material.

This new feature is sure to be well-received by Apple Books users who are eager to gain insights into their reading behavior and discover their reader type.

As the holiday season approaches, the Apple Books Year in Review is a perfect way for users to reflect on their reading accomplishments and set new reading goals for the upcoming year.

Overall, the Apple Books Year in Review promises to be a valuable and enjoyable addition to the Apple Books app, providing users with a unique and personalized reading experience.

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