Enhance Your Google Home Experience with Outdoor Nest Cam and AI-Powered Open Garage Door Detection!

Google is rolling out new features for its Google Home app, including support for the first-generation Nest Cam Outdoor, the ability to create custom clips, and new AI-powered garage door detection. These features will first be available to users signed up for the Public Preview of the Google Home app, and will be available to all users in the coming weeks.

The first-generation Nest Cam Outdoor will now have expanded support in the Google Home app. This means users can access their Nest Cam Outdoor footage directly within the app, without switching between apps. The new camera history experience in the app makes it easier to find important footage, thanks to event list and timeline views. To create and download custom clips from Nest Cam footage is now possible through the Google Home app. Users can trim an existing event video clip by selecting a start time and choosing a clip length.

Nest Cams can now notify users if they forgot to close the garage door using image detection. Notifications will be sent through the Google Home app if the garage door is left open. A Nest Aware subscription and a compatible Nest Cam (indoor, wired, 2nd gen) or a Nest Cam (battery) when wired for power is required for this feature. Additionally, Google is working on adding event and timeline history to Nest cameras and doorbells viewed in a browser, and the ability to download clips on Google Home for web.

Starting on December 1st, Nest doorbell users can enjoy yearly holiday themes that greet visitors arriving for the holidays with a festive chime. This update shows Google’s commitment to making the Google Home app the best place to set up and control a smart home.

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