Get Your Hands on the New Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen) – Pre-Order for December 7 Launch!

Amazon’s third-generation Echo Frames are now available for pre-order at a discounted price, but you’ll have to act fast. The smart glasses, which will officially launch on December 7, are currently priced at $194 for all five designs. However, after the launch date, the price will increase to $269, so time is of the essence for those interested in purchasing them.

In addition to Amazon’s own designs, the company has also partnered with Carrera Eyewear to offer premium-edition designs for the Echo Frames. These can be pre-ordered for $314, but the price will go up to $389 after the December 7 launch.

The Echo Frames 2023 come with several upgrades, including improved comfort, audio experience, and battery life. Amazon has reduced the temple size and improved the fit behind the ear, making them more comfortable to wear. The audio quality has also been enhanced with a custom-built speaker driver and a redesigned open-ear architecture, providing better bass and clearer calls. The battery life has also been extended, offering 40% more continuous media playback and 80% more power for phone calls.

Furthermore, the Echo Frames offer options for prescription lenses, blue light filtering, and sunglasses, with different design styles such as rectangle, square, round, and cat-eye lenses.

For those concerned about privacy, Amazon has reassured users that the Frames are designed to direct sound directly into the wearer’s ears while minimizing sound spillage to others. The smart glasses also come with a mute microphone button and a voice recording function.

With the launch of the third-generation Echo Frames, Amazon aims to offer a sleek and stylish option for those in the market for smart audio glasses. The pre-order discount offers a great opportunity to get these innovative glasses at a reduced price before they officially hit the market. Whether for casual use or as a fashion statement, the Echo Frames 2023 provide a range of options to match your vibe. So for those interested, it’s time to act fast and secure the discounted price before it’s too late.

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