Upgrade Your Browsing Experience: New AI Feature Coming to Chrome Browser

Google is reportedly working on adding a new AI tool called “Help me write” to its Chrome browser for desktop. This tool will use the content of the page the user is on to provide writing suggestions, rather than relying on specific prompts like in Gmail or Docs. Users will also have the option to control the AI’s tone and ask it to “shorten” or expand on its suggestions.

The feature was discovered by 9to5Google, who found evidence of the AI “Help me write” within Chrome’s autofill pop-up. Internally, Google refers to the tool as “Compose” and “CCO,” and it is designed to provide contextual writing suggestions for various online content.

In terms of user safety, Google will notify users that their data may be read and processed by a “human reviewer” to improve the AI, and the company advises against providing sensitive or personal information to the AI.

Users will also have the ability to customize the AI’s behavior, such as changing its writing style to be more formal or casual, and asking it to elaborate or shorten its suggestions. However, it appears that the feature will be tucked behind two flags and is not expected to be available until 2024.

This new AI tool follows Google’s previous introduction of “Help me write” in Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, Meet, and Chat, which offers AI-backed proofreading and content generation capabilities. Additionally, Google has been working to incorporate more AI software into its Chrome browser, with new tab organization methods and animations showcasing AI influence.

Furthermore, Google has hinted at bringing Gen AI capabilities to its Chromebook Plus laptop branding, offering consumers easier choices when searching for a new laptop with unique features. Overall, Google’s continued efforts to integrate AI into its products aim to enhance user experience and productivity.

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