Revolutionizing App Support: Google Play Store Introducing AI-Generated FAQs

Google’s Play Store may soon feature AI-generated FAQs, according to a recent discovery. The 38.4.12 version of the Play Store has revealed strings related to a new AI endeavor, which suggests that Google plans to incorporate AI-created FAQ sections on the details page of “Apps & Games.”

The SpAndroid reported that one of the strings discovered in the APK teardown mentions users being able to “Get frequently asked questions answered by Google AI.” This suggests that Google may be leveraging its AI capabilities, such as Bard, to power this potential new feature for the Play Store.

While there isn’t a clear preview of what these AI-powered FAQs might look like in the app, it’s evident that Google is still in the early stages of development. This means that further versions of the Play Store may hold more to uncover as the feature progresses.

In addition to the potential AI-generated FAQs, Google’s new “Cubes” app also came into the spotlight with the latest Play Store update. The app is designed to be an app discovery hub, allowing users to customize various app categories for their main view to display the information and content that matters most to them.

Aside from these upcoming features, Google has recently tightened the Play Store’s rules for app developers. Developers will now be required to test their apps with at least 20 individuals for two weeks before they can officially publish them on the store. This move is aimed at reducing the number of “low-quality” apps available to users. Google also has plans to roll out government official app badges on the Play Store in 2024.

Although it is evident that Google is working on several updates and improvements for the Play Store, the company is still in the early stages of development for these features. As we await further versions of the store, users can anticipate a more informative and user-friendly experience with the potential addition of AI-generated FAQs and the new “Cubes” app.

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