GM’s Ridiculous Excuse for Dropping CarPlay – You Won’t Believe What They’re Saying!

General Motors (GM) is sticking to its decision to ditch the popular CarPlay feature in its vehicles, despite facing backlash for the move. In a recent interview, Tim Babbitt, GM’s head of product for infotainment, defended the controversial decision by claiming that drivers will be less likely to pick up their phones if their cars don’t have CarPlay.

According to Babbitt, GM’s decision to remove CarPlay is based on safety concerns. He argues that CarPlay and Android Auto often suffer from bad connections, slow responses, and dropped connections, which can lead to drivers picking up their phones and becoming distracted while on the road. GM believes that if drivers rely solely on the built-in infotainment system in their cars, they will be less likely to be distracted and, therefore, safer behind the wheel.

However, GM admits that it has not yet tested this theory in either a lab or real-world scenario. Despite the skepticism surrounding its decision, GM remains committed to its new infotainment software, Ultifi, which is built on Android Automotive. This software will integrate popular apps like Spotify, Google Maps, and Audible.

On the other hand, critics argue that by removing CarPlay, GM is limiting access to popular apps and services like Apple Music, Apple Maps, and Apple Podcasts. They point out that drivers will be unable to access these apps through GM’s platform unless they pick up their phones, which contradicts GM’s claim that drivers will be less likely to do so.

As a result, GM’s decision to drop CarPlay has sparked concerns among customers, who value the convenience and safety features offered by the popular platform. Despite the backlash, GM seems determined to move forward with its decision, even as it faces the possibility of losing customers who prioritize the availability of CarPlay in their vehicles.

In summary, GM’s controversial decision to remove CarPlay from its vehicles has raised questions about the company’s commitment to customer feedback and safety concerns. It remains to be seen how GM’s new infotainment software will be received by drivers and whether it will be able to replace the functionality and convenience offered by CarPlay.

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