Uncover the Sneaky Quest 3 Bug Slowing Down Your Games: Insider Behind-the-Scenes Investigation

Meta Quest Firmware V60 Causes Game Slowdowns, Meta Investigating

A new bug in the Meta Quest firmware v60 is causing games to slow down randomly. Meta, the company behind the virtual reality headset, is aware of the issue and is currently investigating a fix.

The problem is being caused by app updates happening in the background, which is taking up valuable CPU time on the mobile headset. The Meta Quest headsets are supposed to only automatically install app updates when the headset is not in use, but it seems that the latest firmware update is triggering the automatic update feature erroneously.

This bug has been causing frustration for Quest gamers, as games are experiencing unexpected slowdowns. The issue has been reported by several users and Meta has confirmed that it is a bug in the operating system.

The auto-update feature was added back in July with firmware V56 and allows the headset to automatically update games and apps when it’s plugged in and charging. It is speculated that this bug may be triggered when players are using accessories that allow the headset to be charged while playing.

Meta is currently working on finding a fix for the issue, but no timeline has been provided. In the meantime, users are advised to put the headset down for a minute or two if they experience any slowdown while playing, as it may be due to background app updates.

The timing of this bug is crucial, as the biggest Quest release so far, Asgard’s Wrath 2, is set to land on Quest this Friday. This 130+ hour-long action RPG is highly anticipated and the Quest team is under pressure to resolve the bug before its release.

As a bonus for Quest 3 users, Meta is offering Asgard’s Wrath 2 for free with the purchase of the latest headset before the end of the year. This offer aims to sweeten the deal for potential buyers and provide some excitement for the upcoming game release.

Overall, Meta is actively addressing the issue and working towards a solution to ensure a smooth gaming experience for Quest users.