Get a sneak peek of the highly anticipated GTA VI in its first trailer – game release set for 2025!

Rockstar Games announced the highly anticipated GTA VI with an unexpected early release of the first trailer. The game is set to launch in 2025, marking 10 years since the release of GTA V and 25 years since the establishment of Rockstar Games.

The trailer gives a glimpse of the game’s setting in modern-day Vice City, with striking similarities to real-life Miami Beach and the state of Florida. A new feature in the game is the inclusion of a female protagonist named Lucia, a first in GTA history. Lucia is seen in the video alongside her partner Jason, whose name has been leaked multiple times in the past.

The video also showcases a variety of vehicles, similar to those seen in Los Santos, indicating that both games are set in the same universe. The graphics are expected to be a significant improvement, although limited details were revealed in the trailer.

Despite the excitement surrounding the announcement, the trailer did not specify an exact release date in 2025 or the initial platforms for GTA VI. Some rumors point to an April 1, 2025 launch date, which may sound like an April Fools’ joke in line with Rockstar Games’ playful sense of humor.

GTA VI is highly anticipated by fans, with many eager to explore the new setting and the introduction of a female protagonist. As more details emerge, the excitement for the game’s release continues to grow. Stay tuned for updates on the launch date and platforms for GTA VI.

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