Exciting News: WhatsApp’s Screen Sharing Feature to Include Audio Functionality Soon!

WhatsApp to Introduce Audio Support for Screen Sharing Feature

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is set to introduce audio support for its screen sharing feature, allowing users to share videos and music with others during calls. The new feature was spotted in a code string during an APK teardown, confirming that audio will be included in the screen sharing capability.

The addition of audio support will enhance the user experience, especially in scenarios such as business presentations and troubleshooting calls. The feature is expected to be particularly useful for watch parties, where multiple users can watch the same movie or event simultaneously on their screens.

However, the introduction of audio support may not extend to streaming services like Netflix, as the platform has been cracking down on password sharing. Other streaming services, such as Amazon Prime, offer their own watch party functionality, but require all participants to have a subscription.

For now, WhatsApp users will be able to play and share videos that are already stored offline on their device’s storage, providing a workaround for watch party enthusiasts. The new feature is expected to roll out in the near future, providing an additional dimension to WhatsApp’s popular screen sharing capability.

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