Get Ready for Easy Payments: Apple Introduces Connected Cards in the UK

Apple has introduced their new Connected Cards feature in the United Kingdom. This feature is a part of iOS 17 and it allows users to have their regular bank accounts in their Apple Wallet. After a few weeks of beta testing, the feature is now officially available in the UK.

The service works through the country’s Open Banking API, which brings bank accounts into the Apple Wallet. During the initial trial, Barclays, Lloyds, and HSBC participated in the testing. With Connected Cards, users can see their transactions, current balance, and other basic account information.

Users can nominate one or more cards that are associated with specific accounts in British banks. Apple is also expected to bring a similar system to the United States in the future. However, the US Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is still working on an equivalent to the Open Banking API.

Although Apple has mentioned the service in America within the Terms and Conditions for the United Kingdom, it is ultimately up to the regulators to allow the service in the US.

The Connected Cards feature is a convenient way for Apple users to manage their bank accounts directly from their devices. With this new development, it is expected to make banking and financial management even more accessible and user-friendly for Apple users in the UK.

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